2017 Women In Comedy

2017 Women In Video Panel Series

SNARLED, the fastest growing video network for young, progressive women and Tubefilter, the industry authority in the online video scene have come together to produce a new series of meetups throughout 2017. These events will tackle the evolving role of women in video tapping some of the leading voices in the industry (creators, marketers, advertisers, producers and more).

For too long, mainstream publishers have trivialized young women's needs, wants, and concerns with a deluge of vapid editorial. That has changed with the rapid evolution of online video and social media. The medium has given female-focused groups and interests, previously thought of as niche or fringe, massive audiences and influence.

To date, there has not been a unifying video network that welcomes and supports these alternative voices which is why SNARLED was created. SNARLED is a community of young female creators that personify this irreverent movement and provides a place for new female voices to develop and find a wider audience.

With over 25,000 members on its roster, the Tubefilter Meetup brings together the most dynamic group of online entertainment professionals in the industry. Mark your calendars—and be sure to snag your early bird tickets for our first meetup now before they run out!